Advertising Opportunities at Govzilla

Govzilla has experienced tremendous growth in web traffic since its inception in May 2010. Through search engine optimization and methodical relationship-building with sister sites, Govzilla has grown to approximately 20,000 visits and 75,000 pageviews per month. Reach your desired targeted audience by leveraging the broad and deep traffic of Govzilla properties.

Advertising Opportunities on Govzilla

Check out Govzilla's free web tools where we've made hundreds of thousands of pages of government data (MAUDE, devices, drugs, 483s listing, employees) more usable and searchable. Read our industry blog that provides a unique blend of industry voices, perspectives, and "tales from the frontlines" on the most pressing issues related to regulations, inspections, and data sets.


Please contact Tony Chen directly at tony at FDAzilla dot com.