Frequently Asked Questions

What is Govzilla about?

What is your relationship with the FDA?

We are not affiliated with the FDA in any way.

Does Govzilla have the same information that is on

We have set up our website to offer the same information as for MAUDE, drugs, devices, and FDA employees. Most of our databases automatically updated every night from the data files posted on We also obtain additional information from the FDA through Freedom of Information Act requests.

Why did you start Govzilla?

We've talked to so many FDA-regulated industry professionals who told us that getting FDA information was difficult and frustrating. Despite the business-critical nature of their need for good intelligence, many of them just gave up trying or settled with whatever breadcrumbs were available from the FDA table. We think there's a better way and Govzilla is the result.

We believe that data, even complicated, technical, hard-to-understand data (sound familiar?), has power - but only if it's well-designed, customized, and usable. In turn, usable data becomes actionable business intelligence, which leads to healthcare-altering decisions with multi-billion dollar impact.

Why would the FDA allow you to take their information?

Actually, it's the contrary. The FDA actually enables and encourages people to republish, link to, and use their information. Through the Freedom of Information Act, one of their goals is to distribute their information to as broad and deep an audience as possible. Read their Website policies here (bolds are ours):


Unless otherwise noted, the contents of the FDA Web site ( text and graphics--are not copyrighted. They are in the public domain and may be republished, reprinted and otherwise used freely by anyone without the need to obtain permission from FDA. Credit to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as the source is appreciated but not required.

People are also free to link to any URL on FDA's site. FDA's preference is that people link to the material on the FDA site (rather than copying it to their personal Web sites) because the agency continuously updates the information on the Web site as better information becomes available. A person copying documents to another Web site, instead of linking to them, would then have to monitor the original documents to know when these documents were updated by FDA or else risk giving bad or incorrect advice to visitors to their Web site. Providing consumers or health professionals with advice that is not fully up to date can lead to serious public health consequences. Providing industry advice that is not fully up to date can lead to companies being out of compliance with regulatory requirements.

If a person, nonetheless, decides to copy content or images, FDA strongly recommends that the copied item lists the date that the material was copied and provides a link back to its source on the FDA Web site. Users can then see for themselves if the copied material has been updated or changed.

FDA appreciates being informed about the use of Web site materials. Contact FDA, HFI-50, Rockville, MD 20857 or e-mail

Why do you offer so much information for free?

With more than 1 million pages of free content, we believe in the power of data transparency and provide numerous FDA databases to the general public. We charge for our more sophisticated business intelligence tools that require wizardry in writing code, navigating FDA FOIA, and synthesizing data. If you're interested in our products, please read more at our store.